SOL #1 2018



I needed a little inspiration to get myself started for my first Slice, so I borrowed a strategy from another teacher-one little word.  My word today is thrill. While some may see it as just one word, I see it as one ginormous word that can have so many feelings attached.


The “thrill” that I have decided to write about this time around is the kind that brings the good butterflies, the excitement that comes when you’re awaiting a special day, the feeling that life is thoroughly sweet.


The thrill I want to share is the moment my cell phone rang as I was walking into an interview for a teaching position at Smith Elementary School.  The incoming call was from a number I knew well-the familiar digits of Keenan Elementary, my very first teaching home. The Keenan Elementary I had left, with bittersweet emotions, as I awaited the arrival of our baby girl, Katherine.  Keenan Elementary, the home I had missed for ten years while raising our three young children. Keenan Elementary, the home I wished to return to as I was re-entering the profession I loved so very much-teaching.


“Hello?”, I hesitantly began.  “Please, please let this be the call I’ve been praying for,” I thought.  Butterflies raced through my belly-the kind you get as you take that massive plunge down the track of the steepest roller coaster imaginable.  The kind that make you hold your breath, in hopes for the answer you’ve been crossing fingers and toes for for an eternity.


“Miss Campbell?”, she began.  “It’s Mrs. O’Grady, your new boss.”  I immediately released all of the breath I had been holding in for what felt like an eternity.  


Thrill.  Thrill is my one ginormous word for today.  


One thought on “SOL #1 2018

  1. I love the build-up here and found myself reading more and more quickly to find out if the good conclusion I was imagining and hoping for really did happen for you. Congratulations! How exciting! I also love the inspiration here of choosing one little word for the day. I might have to borrow this later in the month when I feel like I’ve run out of ideas.


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