SOL #6 2018

Ha!  I thought I was technologically advanced.  Turns out, not so much. Just yesterday, I had our literacy coach approach me frantically asking, “How do I create a blog for SOL?”  “No problem,” I nonchalantly replied. “Piece of cake,” I responded with full confidence.


We sat at our computers and I gracefully tried on the gradual release model with my literacy coach … “I do, we do, you do,” I reminded her as she sighed through the beginning stages.  Five minutes go by and “Voila!” We’re done.


Not so much.  Little did I know that Padlet is not the platform to be using as it posts all of my (or should I say, “Our”?) writing and becomes quite difficult for my Slice of Life audience to read through.  Poor Beth Moore … another email reminding the technologically challenged me to try it out again.


The good news?  We have amazing technology staffing at our school who were able to walk me through the process and get me back up and running … this time with Word Press!  Let’s see if I’ve got it this time through! (If nothing else, I was inspired to write today’s Slice!)

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