SOL #7 2018

We all want to be recognized for our accomplishments, writing included!  As I peek at our Slices and celebrate our writing community, I can’t help but peek at our Kidblog and the blogs of other students from all over the world and think to myself, “I wish everyone would receive comments”.  


During the first few days of the SOLSC this year, I anxiously awaited feedback from our writing community and was disappointed when I received none.  As an adult, I can rationalize reasons behind why I may not have received feedback (maybe I was posting things the wrong way-which was, in fact, true … or maybe because there are so many participants, it was a bit like winning the lottery).  As a child, it may not be that easy to wait for feedback from our writing community. As I peek at the hard-work and dedication of my students and know just how much everyone wants to receive recognition from others, I’ve decided to create a new SOL challenge!


What if everyone pledged to comment on three Slices that have not yet received feedback daily?  Those three Slices should be written by three different authors.  We always talk about ways we can make a difference and positively impact the lives of others.  Here’s our opportunity! Will you join me in this new, yet simple challenge?

22 thoughts on “SOL #7 2018

  1. Awesome challenge, I accept! I’ve read a few slices today about the commenting problem and I totally agree. I’ve been so unmotivated in Slice of Life this year because of the few (if any) comments I’ve received. I feel like I have nothing to write about and part of that is because it seems like my slices aren’t interesting. But like you said, there could be a million reasons for no comments. Thanks for this challenge idea!


    1. Just noticed this on my blog too: when I click on your name on the comments you leave on slices, it takes me to a site that doesn’t exist. I’m going to go to the main Two Writing Teachers page to find your blog and make sure I’m following. But check the link you’re using for commenting because that may be the issue!


      1. This was so helpful, thank you! I’m switching to WordPress. It’s so much easier. That way people can just click and I can also “like” comments. Thanks again!


  2. I think this is a great idea. I’m in! I view comments on my slices like digital writing conferences. I wait for people to comment and say something about what I’ve written. I now know how my kids feel waiting for their turn to have a conference with me.


  3. I’d love to do this, but it is truly taxing because I don’t know until I’ve visited whether or not ths person needs a comment. Is there a way to know this without guess & check? Please let me know. I welcome this challenge. It is sheer serendipity that I found YOUR post first! (This is why I comment for the edublog student challenge. Students thrive on interested readers, just like everyone I know.)


    1. I’d love for us to encourage our children to comment on each other’s work! Mine are so excited to receive feedback. There have been several responses … I think it’s a guess and check but maybe our TWT leaders will have some advice!


  4. It really is incredible how good it feels to get comments. I do try to comment on slices that don’t have comments yet — but your post is inspiring me to try even harder. 🙂 Slicing and commenting always reminds me of how powerful it is to comment on our students’ work too.


  5. One issue I’ve had is that I’ve responded to several posts where my response was lost because of the format of the reply. The type of reply you are using works for me, but ones where I have to say which format I’m using or where it isn’t compatible with wordpress have frustrated me. Does anyone have advice for me? (I’m not particularly tech savvy, but appreciate any thoughts.) Yesterday I read a heartbreaking, yet uplifting entry, and responded in length, only to lose the reply.

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  6. I love this idea for a challenge! I wonder if there is some way for bloggers who aren’t getting comments on their blog to identify themselves? I’d be happy to add a few more blogs to my daily read-and-comment, but I don’t know who needs the comments! Will check with our fearless SOLSC leaders and see if they have an idea for how that might work.


  7. I’ve gone two days in a row without comments, so your teaser spoke to me! It is very interesting to reflect on my thought process about that. Writing is about meaning and if I wrote something that has meaning to me, I’ve done my job! It’s a bonus if it means something to someone else and they comment too! I do make a point to leave a comment on any blog I encounter that has not had a comment yet.


  8. I am in. I have been one not to receive comments ( or not many) I slice late and get some from the western states. We all deserve to comment and be commented! Thanks for the post!


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