SOL #10 2018

“We have power … finally,” echo the exciting words of so many friends.  As I listen, I hold my breath and call my husband.  “Any sign of life yet?”  I listen to the long pause on his end and the stalling generator in the background.  “Nope.  Sorry sweetie,” he replies.  While I miss waking up in my own bed, I am embracing these couple of days at a slower pace-a pace that some people see as forced.  I choose to see them as a gift.

As I am on day 4 of trying to entertain the kids on a budget, I am learning to find joy in the mundane.  We are among the fortunate who have a place to go-in fact, a mini vacation away from home.  A “staycation” as some might say.  My mother-in-law is out of town and lives within five minutes of our home.  I’ve spent the past 2 days sipping my coffee while breathing in the salt air and listening to the waves lap along the shore.

We live on a road that has become the shortcut for locals from our town to the next, I cannot take runs or walk the dog from our front door.  While our power has been out, I’ve been enjoying our short runs in this quiet beach community and have even convinced the kids to join me on a few walk-runs.  We notice for-sale signs along the way and dream of my husband building us the home of our dreams along the shore.  “Daddy could build us that home we saw in Coastal Living,” my 12 year old exclaims as she sees the breathtaking view and horizon ahead.  “He can build the home that he built for the Smith’s just a few years ago.”

I’ve been falling asleep to the sounds of the waves crash, knowing my family is safe, sound and warm.  For my husband, he’s had a chance to enjoy the home he once knew as his that, since leaving for college, has become the house he visits but no longer calls home.  Now it’s Grammy and Pa’s.

While I miss home, I am grateful for the peace these past few days have brought our family.  They have forced us to slow down a bit and embrace time together.  I know I’ll be just as thrilled when we get that call that power has been restored, but in the meantime I am going to choose to live in the moment.

4 thoughts on “SOL #10 2018

  1. It sounds like you have embraced the challenge, and truly, “Grammy and Pa’s” sounds like paradise. I still understand your desire: “Let there be light…” soon.


  2. I know it’s hard not to be home, but it sounds lovely to be so close to the shore. I love the line where you talk about your husband being at the home he once called his but now is the house he visits. It’s such a true way of thinking about a childhood home. Hope your power comes on soon!


  3. Your morning coffee sounds heavenly, although I’m sorry for the circumstances. But choosing to have a good attitude will make this time easier for all of you. Here’s hoping, though, that the power comes back on and you can get back to your regular life (and your own bed!).


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