SOL #16 2018

What motivates you when it comes to writing?  I’m curious to hear from both students and adults.

For me, I think it depends on what I am writing.  With Slice of Life, I’m motivated to have my children (both students and my own children at home) see that I am a writer.  I’ve always loved to write.  When sad, I write.  I write my tears away and the hurt or sorrow that consumes me.  I typically don’t share this type of writing.  It’s just for me-a way to get it out there in a safe way, where I won’t be judged or risk hurting someone else.  When I’m excited-what do I do?  I write!  These “pieces” are not for publication, but may just be a text to my best friend.  When I’m angry, boy to I write.  Anger writing is similar to sadness writing … I reserve this work for no one but me.  I am also motivated by feedback.  When I receive comments through SOL from my peers and students, it helps me see that my voice matters.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone is listening, but when I read comments about my work, it feels a bit like opening a package on Christmas morning.

The type of writing that has to be done for someone else-reports and the like, I find unmotivating.  There is less choice with this type of writing and for me, choice is crucial.  I typically procrastinate when it comes to reports and filling out paperwork and forms.  How do I motivate when I know I have to get the job done?  I realize that the longer I wait, the longer it’ll be hanging over my head and the more I am prolonging the feeling of, “Ugh”.  I never like the “ugh” feeling and make it a goal to avoid it at all costs.

What motivates you as a writer?  I believe that if you can uncover this secret, you’ve filled your writing toolbox with the most valuable resource and will then be ready to live a writerly life!

7 thoughts on “SOL #16 2018

  1. Lots of things motivate me to write honestly.
    I have a compulsion to write. It has woken me up in the middle of the night before! Deadlines motivate me. An itch to create. Wanting to capture a story that I have told over and over.
    It is a great question!


  2. I love writing. I tell all my kids it’s my own personal therapist because I always feel so clear headed and relaxed after writing. With the SOL challenge, I’m trying to show my students that you can write about anything at anytime, even the most mundane thing, so I’ve been writing about small moments, like washing dishes or copying papers.


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for posing an important question. I love to write about things that touch my heart or fuel my passion. I love to write gift poems for others and feel so warm when my work is appreciated. I, too, thrive on feedback. It makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with readers, which really is the main reason I am motivated to write.


  4. Your reflection was interesting to read. Your passion for writing came out clearly.
    I write to remember. I write to connect. Sometimes I write to have fun.
    Report writing became easier once I discovered that it’s one genre of writing and practice makes better.


  5. What a great question! I think what motivates me to write is the feedback I get from this community and knowing that someone is reading. I never liked writing when I was younger and never thought I was good at it. I dreaded all sorts of writing. I tried journals for myself, but never stuck with it. It wasn’t until last year’s SOL challenge that I began to find my voice and passion for writing. And I love to share my process and challenges with my 1st graders! We’re becoming writers together.


  6. I am reading this instead of filling in my grade book, as you describe as Ugh, I am instead enjoying writing and reading and leaving comments. I think you and I write for the same reasons! Your description speaks to me! Thanks for sharing.


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