SOL #21 2018


That’s my word of the day.  Chilly.  Chilled.  Icy.  Freezy.  Wintry.  Frigid.  Numb.  All of these words can be used to describe the weather and how I am feeling.  I’ve been feeling this way for days now and it’s beginning to grate on my nerves.

From the moment I finished my run on Monday afternoon, I couldn’t seem to warm up.  I’ve tried everything from a hot shower to a hot cup of my favorite tea and extra layers.  My children’s babysitter asked if I was getting sick.  “I don’t feel sick,” I replied while knocking on wood.

For those living in the Northeast, you are probably feeling the same way.  Another Nor’Easter is on its way and we continue to feel chilly.  Chilled.  Icy.  Freezy.  Wintry.  Frigid.  Numb.

2 thoughts on “SOL #21 2018

  1. So I have to laugh. I’m sitting here, also staring out at this silly 4th Nor’easter, and I’ve been freezing all day. This slice made me remember that I had a hot cup of tea hiding behind my computer screen! Hope this warms up for all of us soon!


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