SOL #22 2018

10 Fun Facts About ME

  1. I am a perfectionist.  I’ve drafted and erased 4 Slices before beginning this Slice.
  2. I am an animal lover-dogs in particular.  The bigger, the better and I fuss over dogs more than babies.  If I had my choice, I’d have 3 or 4!
  3. My all-time favorite place is the beach.  It really doesn’t matter which beach, as long as my toes are in the sand, I have a book in hand and the sun is shining down on me.
  4. I am a nerdy teacher.  I absolutely love researching new methods and connecting with a larger, more global teaching community.  Most nights, I’m on Twitter or following my favorite bloggers for new ideas.
  5. I get anxious when anything is left undone.  It could be the dishes or an email that I need to send.
  6. I love flavored decaf coffee.  Pumpkin Spice is my favorite, but I also love French Vanilla… slightly sweet with milk.  My splurge is an extra large Decaf with 2 Pumpkin Swirls and milk from Dunkin Donuts.
  7. Pizza is my weakness.  Margarita is my favorite kind, but I’m open to other options as long as they don’t include any kind of meat.
  8. My husband and I went to Bora Bora for our honeymoon in 2002.  We believed that we’d spend our 10th anniversary there, but three kids later we passed by that anniversary and now hope to go for our 50th!

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