SOL #25 2018

How will you be celebrating all of the successes your children had during the Classroom SOLSC this month?  I’m getting ready to create an invitation for families to join in our celebration, but before I finalize my plans, I’d love to know what my fellow writing teachers will be doing with their own classes!

In years past, I had the children print out a few of their favorite Slices and they read them to parents.  Parents were able to comment on their child’s work and the work of their classmates.  We served slices of cake and enjoyed each other’s company.

This year, I’d like to mix it up just a bit, but am not sure how.  I have a few parents who have also joined us in Slicing this year and I’d like to recognize these individuals as well!

Ok, writing community!  Challenge is on … I’d love some suggestions!

3 thoughts on “SOL #25 2018

  1. I do a pizza party for my slicers that sliced for 31 days, prizes for those who sliced 25+ days, and awards for those who sliced 20+ days. We then read our favorite slices. It’s fun. I teach 5th grade.


  2. I can’t believe you had parents joining you too! That’s wonderful. I really do love the idea of having kids read their favorite slices aloud and get to show off a bit as authors and share their work.


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