SOL #30 2018

As SOLSC comes to an end, I have decided that for this Slice I’d keep it short and sweet.  I’m so proud of how I’ve developed as a writer this month.  I’ve enjoyed writing my daily Slices and receiving feedback from a global writing community.  There’s such enjoyment coming from the idea that my voice really does matter, no matter how silly or mundane a Slice.  Having said that, I have fallen short on the commenting aspect of SOLSC.  So, tonight, I am giving myself permission to sign-off of my own writing and sign-on to the community that deserves recognition for all of their Slices!

3 thoughts on “SOL #30 2018

  1. I took part in the mid month commenting challenge and although hard, I loved it. I love getting ideas from people and reading what they have to say. Enjoy your commenting.


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