SOL #31 2018

As our last day of SOLSC has arrived, I am spending time reflecting on my students.  Here is a post I wrote to them, in honor of all of their hard work and growth as writers.  Quoting Kate Roberts, “Teacher chills”.  They never cease to amaze me!

It’s hard to believe that one month has come and gone and our SOLSC is coming to an end.  I am so proud of all that we accomplished, both in school and at home.  Everyone has shown what it looks like to live like a writer.  You are ALL writers!  You ALL have a voice that is being heard and admired by a bigger writing community.  It is my hope that you connected with other writers outside our four walls and that you have an opportunity to continue those connections, even when SOLSC comes to an end.

I have enjoyed reading all the small moments that happen in your daily lives.  I feel closer to each and every one of you because of your writing.  I’ve read poetry, lists of favorite athletes, glimpses into vacations, Slices that have been written alongside a parent, and Slices that have made me happy, sad, excited, and have left me wondering.
I’ve also read meaningful feedback where I can see how we can bond with people we’ve never met.  We’ve connected with writers from San Fransisco California, Birkenhead England, Andover Kansas, Indianapolis Indiana, Larchmont New York, and well beyond!  

Some of my favorite comments …

“Ha! I love it! I like how you separated it into two sections. you made me feel like I was right there.”

“I try to make the best post I can.  Thanks!”

“I love your inspiration posts!  I am so inspired!!!  (people usally say that I should be a pilot or a lawyer, but I want to be… an actress, or an artist, whatever I want to be!)”

“¡Estoy tan feliz por ti! ¡Ojalá estuviera allí para ver! ¡Debes haber estado explotando con emociones! ¿Podrías escribirlos?

(I am so happy for you! I wish I was there to see! You must’ve been exploding with emotions. Would you write them?)”

“Write very fast. big feet and vanilla ice cream. I love the way you think of unique ideas instead of copying everyone else! Keep up the good work!”

“You have such a nice dad. You should be proud. Maybe write about how you felt.”

“Wow your dad is doing an amazing thing for those people in need!!! My dad did something like that but he was helping the homeless and getting the homeless food and everything.”

“Happy Birthday!”

“I have that problem. I can not do the pickle. Like I will go in, in and out in and, out, out. Like it is the most confusing thing. but i’m sure you can do it!”

“O.M.G your story is awesome. 👏 Great job. You used so much IADD. I can NOT wait for more!’



“It doesn’t matter that you’ll get braces and reading glasses because you look good in anything!”


“That is an empowering quote… I hope you know that everyone knowns that you can do any thing if you put your mind to it :)”

“I like it a lot -you used good moves.  Good job-keep up the good work.”

“I know i don’t like it when people take away from my summer ):”


I have seen so much compassion and collaboration.  You should all be proud of the wonderful people you are and how you’ve reached out to other writers and supported their growth.  Teacher chills here … THANK YOU!

What has SOLSC done for me?  I think all of the above explains my answer.  Why do I write?  First and foremost, for my students.  (But I must admit, I look forward to embarking on the Tuesday SOL challenge!)

Until then … thank you Two Writing Teachers for making this possible!  You’ve touched countless lives!


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